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woman with chihuahua, braid and flowers, cactus and mangoes.
Acrylic on Canvas
30" x 15"
motherhood, seahorse, moon, seaweed, flowers, braids, snails, ocean, night
acrylic on canvas
5.5ft by 4.5 ft
night, flowers, horse, braid, motherhood, child, mountain, bird, ocean, seaweed
acrylic on board
18in by 24in
chihuahua, colombian man, man, american man, seaweed, party hat, cactus, snake plant,  flowers
acrylic on canvas
20in by 20in
motherhood, moon, night, seaweed, mountains, snails, braids, child, ocean,
acrylic on board
4ft by 2ft
motherhood, moon, child, fern, flowers, braid
Acrylic on paper
10in by 20in
flowers, chihuahua, braid,
acrylic on paper
8in by 10in
birch art, female art, flower, hair,
Acrylic on Board
8in x 8in